Thursday, March 22, 2012

ChickenEggs 2.0 Released !!!


ChickenEggs new version 2.0 has released to Android Market and Apple Store !

You will get this update soon on Android, and several days later on Apple Store.

After update to 2.0, you will get these features.

★ Sharing Your HighScores on Facebook and Twitter !!
★ New Bomb Mode !! You can de-active bombs !!
★ Adding Fantastic Effects with Egg Breaks !!

★ 現在你可以透過Facebook和Twitter和朋友分享你的高分成就!!
★ 全新的炸彈模式,現在可以透過快速點按來解除炸彈了!!
★ 新增加了數種畫面炫麗的特效,玩起來更過癮!!

Hope you will be happy with this new version !

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